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Elizabeth Campbell polymer clay jewellery

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Work In Progress...

Work In Progress ~ The 'Wish Stone' series

Here are some photos of work I'm doing at the moment. These 'experiments' were inspired by my love of semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, amazonite, azurite and turquoise. These aren't meant to be imitative of the stones (although polymer clay can do that really well!), this is more like 'a celebration' of their colours. And it gives me that chance to create the kind of semi-precious 'stones' that I wish did exist in real life: Like lapis lazuli and turquoise with more gold veining than they'd normally have, and flecks of other colours in there as well.

The largest pieces here are the mirrors. The tasselled mirror is 32cm long; the rectangular mirror is 30cm long. There will be more pics to follow soon...

Click on the photos to see enlarged image.

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